Saturday, 10 March 2012

Saturday mornings

This is one of my favourite ways to spend a Saturday morning, watching Saturday kitchen live (I love the omelette challenge!) in bed while drinking milky cardamon coffee and planning what to cook this weekend. I'm thinking of doing something with squid, if I can get out of bed and get my lazy ass down to Borough market to buy it....

What are you cooking this weekend?


  1. He he I used to like that show 'til James started presenting it! This weekend we made brodo. So simple using a chicken carcass left over from a roast and boiling for 3 hours with clery, onion and carrot. Adda bit of salt and some fine pasta...Yum!!!

    1. Actually quite like James.... Who presented it before him? Never made brodo, I have to try that! Slow cooking is such an easy way to get delicious food :)