Monday, 25 April 2011

Dragon's back

Today I walked along the Dragon's back trail on the east of Hong kong island, a 2 h hike along the ridge of the low mountains there. It was lovely, with amazing views, but quite steep at times. At the end of trail was Shek O beach, where I stayed a couple of hours, and endulged in lots of watermelon and mango. And some Laughing Cow cheese cubes as snacks on the way... I bought them. all the time when hiking on Borneo, as they're not very sensitive to heat. That taste of processed cheese flavoured with ham and tomatoe also really reminds me of summers camping with my family. Can't go camping etc in Sweden and not bring cheese on tube (crayfish, prawn and ham are some of the flavours)... 

What else have I've been up to? Not much, I was planning to go up to the Peak yesterday, but gave up when I saw the very long que. Instead spent the day walking through markets and relaxing in Kowloon park reading Aijvide's last book (thanks Elisabeth!)

I'm leaving early tomorrow morning to go to Guangzhou in China, from there I hope to be able to get a bus to Yangshuo at 1pm. I get to Guangzhou at 9 am, hopefully that will be enough to find the bus station and buy a ticket... What could possibly go wrong? Except that I'm geographically challenged, not sure where the bus is leaving from, exactly when it's leaving, where I can buy a ticket, and I can't read, speak or understand the language? Fingers crossed all goes as planned!   

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