Monday, 4 July 2011

Amazing food in China

Back from an amazing holiday in China! I was planning to continue blogging when I was there but turned out that the blog was blocked and I couldn't access it. Saga - China 1-0.

China was absolutely fantastic, the nature, the people, the culture, and of course the food. I ate so well and so much. Lots of fantastic street food, bbq meats and fish, steamed buns, stuffed pancakes and bread, noodle soups, stir fries.... The variety of food is great, and there is such a difference between the different regions. From the seafood and dim sum in Hong Kong, to spicy hot pots in Sichuan, yak stew in north Yunnan and coconut-flavoured soups in south Yunnan. AMAZING!!! I love lots of the vegetable dishes, stir fried cabbage or salad or green beans with a bit of chili and garlic, so simple, so tasty. Regrettably I didn't manage to take many pictures of the food I had, I blame my greedy and hungry personality, I would devour the food way to quickly to have a chance to take a picture of anything else than an empty plate... Below is a few of the meals I managed to capture with my camera.

Tasty yak stew with potatoes, reminded me of the stews my grandmothers make. With it came a side dish of pickled vegetables, and I had a large glass of ginger tea.

Dan dan noodles in Chengdu, and a side dish of braised salad with chili. Tasty and spicy, like all food I tried in Sichuan.

Streetfood in Chengdu, meat or fish is added to each stick and deep fried and eaten with spicy dips

Street restaurant in Chengdu serving spicy noodles

The best fruit in the world, mangosteen! Gorgeous!

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